What should I do in the Community?

  • 22 March 2022
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You’ve probably been exploring the community by now. How do you like it? (We genuinely want to know. DM me!)


If you’re looking for some tips and tricks to get the most out of this community, read on...

  • Use the Search (try typing key words or phrases)

    • Use the search bar to scour the many conversations, discussions, questions, and articles that already exist in the community to help you.

    • There’s a high probability that what you need to know, may have already been asked and answered.

    • At times, typing out the actual problem statement or question will help trigger searches to bring up the last of the articles/discussions that may be of help.

  • Take the leap and ask a question

    • We often find ourselves shying away from raising our hands and surfacing a question for the group because we worry it might be a basic one. 

    • Please don’t hesitate to ask your questions. Click on Create Topic, choose from either a Question or Conversation, and start typing away.

  • Be clear as possible; visuals are everything!

    • Use the title and description to your advantage; providing as much detail as you can helps you get answers quicker!

    • A screenshot or snippet can speak volumes, and help members identify problems quicker than you think. Start adding them where and whenever possible (be careful not to share sensitive data about our business).

  • Choose the right forum and tags

    • We’ve tried to provide the necessary spaces for discussions around product, interests, and other conversations. Take a moment to look at your options when deciding where to post your question/conversation so the right members and experts are notified of your question.

    • If you think your topic is quite unique and just doesn’t fit in one of our existing categories, message me and I'll point you in the right direction.

    • Use tags to add context such as module (forecasting/analytics/etc.).

  • Do not spam 

    • We understand you may feel the need to promote links and services, but this is not that place. Our moderators will not take spamming lightly and it can lead to a ban from the community.

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