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We are making it easier for you to learn about Clari’s products so you can fine-tune your craft and accelerate your career.


Soon, we’re releasing an improved search experience on the Clari Circle Community. We’re introducing federated search so you can search once and find results from across Clari’s websites, including Community, Knowledge Base, University, In-Product Resources, and the Clari Blog. We will also sprinkle the magic of AI over the search results!


We’re offering early access to those of you who can’t wait to try the new search experience in exchange for your feedback. You can try out the new search capabilities in beta here. Please send a direct message to Kenna here if you have any feedback to share!


Key Dates:

  • May 20th: Open Beta to review new search experience starts
  • Week of June 10th: Federated Search for all community members (stay tuned for an announcement!)

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