3 Tech Stack Non-Negotiables to Stop Revenue Leak

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Every team runs revenue differently. 

  • Unique clients
  • Unique team members
  • Unique processes

But there are a handful of trendlines that cut across markets. Non-negotiables every team should adopt if they want to stop revenue leak and boost their bottom line. 

In a recent webinar, Kevin “KD” Dorsey (SVP at Bench Accounting) joined Clari’s Maya Connet (VP, Inside Sales) and Devin Reed (Head of Content) to spotlight 3 tech stack non-negotiables

Here’s what they shared:

1. Integrate AI into the revenue process

AI is reshaping the revenue landscape. 

  • Saving reps hours at every stage of the funnel 
  • Providing powerful analytics and insights 
  • Making forecasts more accurate than ever 

Cutting-edge teams are leaning into AI at every stage of their workflow. 


To start, they map the end-to-end revenue process, leaving no stone unturned. They look for areas of revenue leak, and identify key points where AI can automate or simplify. 

Next, they pull in AI experts. They recruit specialists onto the team — sharp players who spot opportunities and set up time-saving automations. 

Lastly, they tap into revenue platforms with strong AI bona fides, like the Clari Revenue Platform’s RevAI. The best tools for the best teams. Equipped with AI-powered features, these teams move fast and close faster.

2. Connect your teams with a single source of truth

Tech is supposed to speed up your workflow. 

But when you have too many cooks in the kitchen — aka point solutions in your tech stack — productivity grinds to a halt. 

  • Reps suffer from tech fatigue
  • Tech integration becomes a full-time job
  • Hand-offs get dropped (and revenue leaks) 

It’s not uncommon for teams to juggle 17 point solutions. Email, sales engagement, calendar, note-taking, and pipeline tools — all fighting for the same mindshare. 

The non-negotiable, then?

A single source of truth. A unified platform where every revenue-facing team member can live and breathe. A one-stop shop for data, insights, and actions. 

Top revenue teams are consolidating. And they’re doing it fast. 

3. Embed strategy into your seller’s workflow

Sales strategy and tech. 

Two features of every revenue team. And they’re supposed to work in harmony. Strategy sets the direction and tech adds the rocket fuel. 

But too often, tech limitations get in the way. 

  • Features can’t be customized to match your strategy. 
  • Marketing and sales operate in different systems (with different views).
  • Reps review strategy in a Learning Management System, but execute somewhere else. 

Strategy and tech are pulling in opposite directions. 

To operate at full speed, top teams run a different playbook. They’re embedding strategy directly into the seller’s workflow

They start with a platform that’s tailor-made for revenue teams, taking full advantage of built-in workflows and robust features. 

Then, they weave strategy tightly into everyday action. They use tech to surface frameworks, blueprints, reminders, and more. 

Lastly, they coach from the platform. They leverage technology as a codified source of strategy — one every revenue-facing team member can view and engage with. 

Goodbye, disconnect. Hello, hyperspeed. 

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