Revenue Operations Leader at MakerOps

  • 11 January 2024
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About the job

Position: Revenue Operations Leader at MakerOps




At MakerOps, we recognize the transformative potential of integrating AI across the spectrum of revenue generation. As we venture into three pivotal cloud categories - Martech, SalesTech, and Customer Success software - we seek a seasoned Revenue Operations Leader who can architect and drive our operational strategy and build a high performing team in this AI- first era.




  • Technical Infrastructure: Manage and optimize the tech stack that underpins our revenue operations, ensuring agility and robustness.


  • Operational Design: Define and refine revenue cycle processes from acquisition to expansion and retention.


  • Metrics & Analysis: Establish and monitor key performance indicators, utilizing data to steer strategic decisions.


  • Cross-functional Collaboration: Work in tandem with the sales, marketing, and customer success teams to align operational strategies and objectives.


Early Stage Contribution:

At MakerOps, early-stage signifies opportunity. We seek individuals who:


  • Grasp All Three Domains: Your expertise spans across Martech, SalesTech, and Customer Success, allowing a comprehensive operational approach.
  • Collaborate with Product:Contribute to product development by bringing operational insights, ensuring our solutions not only innovate but resonate with market needs.
  • Team Development: Prior experience in building and nurturing high-performing operational teams, emphasizing technical acumen and strategic alignment.



  • Operational Leadership: Demonstrable experience leading revenue operations in a B2B hypergrowth setting.
  • Technical Proficiency: Hands-on familiarity with the tools and platforms integral to revenue operations.
  • Strategic Process Design: A track record of creating and optimizing revenue-focused processes that drive growth.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Proficiency in utilizing metrics to guide and validate strategic choices.


The MakerOps Advantage:

Joining MakerOps provides an unparalleled opportunity to spearhead revenue operations in an AI- first environment. As we endeavor to shape the future landscape, we offer the platform for thought leadership, innovation, and strategic growth.


Location: San Francisco

Compensation:Competitive, inclusive of equity options


MakerOps is an equal opportunity employer, committed to promoting diversity and ensuring an inclusive work environment.

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