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  • 23 April 2024
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:relaxed: I’m Scott McDonald and I am a Global Account Director (Fancy title for a Salesman) for Arelion. A global Telecommunications carrier.

:wolf: I like dogs and most other animals, except cats, rates and deer (because they eat my plants)

:golfer: I like to sail, swim and do anything at the beach. I like to read books about the Saints and things about cars and tech.

:tools: I’m new to Clari/Groove and hope it solves my lack of ability to engage prospects on a timely basis.

5 replies

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@jsmac8218 Hey Scott (always good to have more Scott’s in the Community.

Glad to have you here -- another dog lover. 

Check out the Groove Hub and our Groove Courses in the University. Sorry that you might have sign in twice for these. We are working on this.


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Hello all, I am Chris.  I am completely new to Clari.  I wanted to be admin-certified yesterday.  lol  I know I have a lot to learn.  People keep asking me if I know Clari.  So I want to know Clari.  Any helpful tips to getting Clari Admin certified would be awesome.  I really appreciate any help you can provide.  Chris

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@chrisleon1028 Again, Welcome to the Clari Circle. The best way to be Admin certified is to go to the University. I would set aside 30 minutes a day for a week to study with the University resources. Also, feel free to search on “Admin” here on the Community. Hope this helps.  Scott

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Welcome @jsmac8218 and @chrisleon1028 !

Let me know if you want to chat about Clari implementation, adoption, or analysis sometime! Always great to connect with other Clari enthusiasts.

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Hi Amber, I’d love to chat as we are just implementing Clari (well, really Groove) and we are still learning best practices. I’m free anytime if you want to send a meeting invite.