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  • 17 November 2023
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Let’s welcome our new members and celebrate those of you who earned badges and certifications this week! 🎉


Hey New Members!


Welcome to the Clari Circle Community! @Lucas Guercetti @Tommy Dew @Ganka Bobeva-Rosevear @Kevin Homer @Cindy Courtright @Greg Devlin @Tim Hayes @Rohit Tandon @Curran Wong @Mike Free @George Philip @Angus Chiang @Giorgia Bonmassar @Sammy Watkins @Darsh Suresh @Jacqueline Kelleher @Katerina Gavalas @Ashley Zoref @Tyler Stieb @Joe Calabrese @Zach Wilde @Shay Levi @Oscar Cordova 


Question for you — what’s a good podcast, case study, article, or interview you found recently? Care to share it with the community? I’m thinking of creating a space where we can all share our favorite content and subscriptions and curious what’s out there that you all like best.

Badge Winners

  • @Marianela Araya and @Amy Young earned the Clari Admin Certified badge. BIG congrats on earning your admin cert!!!
  • @Kevin Homer @Nabila Parvez @Kathryn Schwartz and @Dana DeForge-Skrabak all earned the Onboarding II badge. Way to go!
  • @Nabila Parvez @Kathryn Schwartz and @Dana DeForge-Skrabak also earned the Onboarding III badge. Starting off strong!

You can learn more about how to earn badges (and ranks, and points!) here.


New Members, don’t forget to strong by posting or replying in your very first month in the community makes you eligible to be 1 of 2 winners of a $50 Amazon gift card and free Clari swag! So jump in and share you questions, what you learned this week, or just what’s on your mind with the community.

All Members, come back and engage with your fellow community members for the chance to earn the Monthly Spotlight badge this month! Our top community contributor each month earns themself some nice gifts along with the badge.

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