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Hey New Members!


Welcome to the Clari Circle Community! @Hwan Kim @ryanallred @Mike Bulka @Kyle Gibbs @May Ng @Yohei Komatsuzaki @Maryellen Smith @Nolan Bonner @Abhinav Garg @Deepak Tiwari @Motoi Sasaki @Aylwin Lam @Monica Ricci @tgraham @mhjazeen @Ramkumar Natarajan @Sean Fowler @Lively Fog @Trevor Barrett @Roman Hrycyk @beobeltran @Riddhi @Riddhi Patel @Brian Crow @Craig Rodgers @Lauren Simms @aliciahalloransphero @Justin Park @John Smits @Kenedy Lemon @Alexandra Mattison 


New Members: Don’t forget to strong by posting or replying in your very first month in the community makes you eligible to be 1 of 2 winners of a $50 Amazon gift card and free Clari swag! So jump in and share you questions, what you learned this week, or just what’s on your mind with the community.

All Members: Come back and engage with your fellow community members for the chance to earn the Monthly Spotlight badge this month! Our top community contributor each month earns themself some nice gifts along with the badge.

Badge Winners

  • @Katrina Senour earned the Acclaimed I badge. Thanks for helping out your fellow community members!
  • @Zen Rosen earned the Onboarding II and Onboarding III badges. We’re so happy to see you sharing your thoughts with the rest of the community!
  • @Alyssa Arroyo earned the Onboarding II badge. Good to see you jumping right into the conversation!
  • @Christian Fitzgerald earned the Social I badge. Thanks for sharing your learnings with the rest of us. Keep it up!

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