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We’re excited to share our newest innovations announced today at Charge: The Revenue Summit. Innovations that enable your team to use every drop of relevant data to run revenue — powered by a tech stack that adapts to any need.

Clari Forecast for Consumption. Consumption-based pricing offers growth and flexibility but can be tough to manage. Clari Forecast for Consumption makes it easy to navigate the intricacies of pay-as-you-go models by providing detailed planning and tracking tools to help your team run all revenue.

Consolidated Views in Clari Forecast. Complexity is the norm for Enterprise businesses. Whether you grow through new products or acquisitions, Clari helps you navigate with Consolidated Views. Toggle between multiple CRMs, or roll up forecasts from different CRM instances all in one place, on one Clari dashboard.

Forecast Config in Clari Studio. Meet the needs of your business, regardless of complexity. Set up your forecast with a few clicks. Create tabs and fields for better control. Manage settings to customize user experiences, and safely prepare changes in draft mode before publishing.

New data sources in Clari Ingest. Clari integrates usage and spending data from third-party databases into RevDB so you can forecast with confidence. RevDB now includes data from Snowflake, BigQuery, and Databricks to show consumption and usage-based revenue.

Revenue Execution. Close more deals while focusing on high-ROI customers and direct selling activities. Plus, leave the drudgery of admin tasks behind. Revenue Execution combines Clari’s leading inspection, conversation intelligence, sales engagement, and collaborative selling solutions — all powered by RevAI — for full funnel execution. This new solution for reps and frontline managers streamlines and scales sales processes and coaching, while intelligently prioritizing actions for faster, more reliable revenue generation.

To learn more about these new innovations, reach out to your CSM or AM. 

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