Mutual Business Objectives: Streamlining Deal Success

  • 8 September 2023
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Mutual Business Objectives are a pivotal tool for enhancing the success of your deals. They facilitate effective customer discovery by capturing a buyer's needs and goals. In this concise guide, we'll explore what MBOs are, their importance, and how to use them effectively.


Mutual Business Objectives creation steps:


Step 1: Create Objectives

Admins can create Objectives in your Align Organization Settings by when you select the Objectives tab. Add a new Objective, update its title, and add in any placeholder text to the objective. You can always return to your objective later and make updates.



Step 2: Objective Field Mapping

Access the Field Mapping tab from the Align Organization Settings page and click + Add Mapping button. Select an Objective and sync it to a compatible field on your Salesforce opportunities.



After publishing changes any plans using the sync objective will now push text directly to the selected field on the connected Salesforce opportunity. If you do not immediately see the field in Salesforce available try to Refresh CRM Fields button. Field syncs can take up to 15 mins, if you wish to run an immediate sync use the Run Full Sync Now button.


Step 3: Insert Objectives in Templates and Workspaces

Admins can insert Objectives into templates and Reps can add in objectives a la carte to their workspaces. The titles of objectives cannot be edited once they have been inserted into a Workspace, only an admin can create and make updates to objective titles.



Adding Objectives to a Template


Adding Objectives to a Workspace


You can also hide Objectives from the buying team for confidentiality. By default, they're not visible to external teams and are hidden during presentations by toggling the visibility button next to the Add Objective button.

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