Align Organization Settings & Team Roles

  • 12 September 2023
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Make updates to your organization settings to maintain a consistent brand image, workspace nomenclature, and buyer and seller role structure. These settings play a pivotal role in keeping your teams focused and prepared throughout the buyer's journey.


Organization Settings

Only Align admins can edit organization settings, the admin role can be provisioned from the Our Team section of Align. Login to your Align account as an admin and navigate to to Organization Settings.



Company Name & Logo

The Organization Name or Company Name will display your company’s name to your customer throughout your Align Workspaces and customer collaboration email notifications. By default Align will use your company’s domain name (ex. so be sure to update it to something friendly for your customers. Your company logo is a fundamental component of your brand identity. To ensure your brand is well-represented on your team’s workspaces be sure to update your company logo. You can upload or drag a drop an image file into the add logo space and trim as needed.



Workspace Nomenclature

The title of your Workspace is a key element in communicating their purpose and content. You can customize the Workspace title to align with your organization's terminology and branding strategy. This title will be prominently displayed at the top of all your organization's Workspaces, providing clarity to your teams. You can also add an acronym for convenience. 




CRM Activity Feed

Push engagements from your Workspaces as Buyer and Sellers signals to activity of your opportunities. Use the CRM activity feed to select the types of engagements you would like to view in your SFDC reporting and the Clari Deal Activity on the Insights panel of your opportunities. For more information view our post on Integrating Align with Salesforce.


Team Roles

Team Roles play a critical role in Workspace and template management as they help identify and categorize stakeholders within the Buying Team and Selling Team. Properly defining roles ensures that everyone involved in the Workspace understands their responsibilities. Update your Team Templates and add roles or personas from your team and to the customer’s team that are required for any given stage or milestone of a Workspace. You will be able to see how many times the roles are used in Workspaces in the field next to each role. For more information on incorporating Team Roles into your templates check out our post on Team Templates.




Configure your Align Organization settings prior to rolling our Align to your teams and contribute to a smooth buyer journey and enhanced collaboration between teams. If you have any further questions or need assistance with aligning your organization settings, please reach out to your Align Admin or your Clari Customer Success team for guidance.

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