Cohort Resources, Housekeeping, etc

  • 10 July 2024
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  1. Recurring Calendar Event → Invites will be sent via Google Calendar to all kickoff attendees. This way, you don’t have to register every week!
  2. All weekly exercises and slides will be kept in the Miro whiteboard here.
    • Visit as often as you like!
  3. Weekly exercises will be completed outside the huddles. Therefore all questions, technical hurdles, takeaways, etc will be shared in this group.
    • Post here liberally to maximize cohort value. Leverage the Clari team and your peers week-to-week in this Clari group!
    • Bookmark the group link in your browser.
  4. All new cohort members must register for their first huddle in Luma here.
    • Please don’t share the Zoom or Miro link with anyone. 


Anything I’m missing? 🤔

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Looking forward to supporting you in the

Summer Cadence Q3 Cohort 




1 reply

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