Newest Members: 1/25 - 1/31

  • 31 January 2024
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Wow - What a week. Lots of new members to the Clari Circle Community. On behalf of the Clari Team, I want to say “Welcome’ to everyone below, who just joined us:

@Brian Muratore @Savanna Pangborn @Christian Raahave @Abby Whalen @Ben Spivey @Ulrich Scheuber @Rob Stout @Yassine Debbaj @Kevin Fay @Jobanjeet Singh @Crystal Henkle @Parker Kilgo @Denise Becerra @Alejandro Antunez Romero @Clay Swenson @Chau Le 

@Guy Shina @Tim Kline @Lindsay Christie @Rachelle @Michiel Veneklaas @Tyler Chaput @Paige Woodward @Ray Henderson @Andrew Walker @Hind Zerrouki 

Take a few minutes to introduce yourself and let everyone know what topics or areas you want to learn more about. Do you want to learn more about Clari’s products? Do you want to learn how to generate revenue? Do you need career advice?

Also consider adding a photo or avatar to your profile so that we can make things a little more personal



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