Introductions - Gagan Sethi

  • 18 August 2022
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I am working as Sales Operations Leader in a hyper-growth company. This means I get to solve cool problems and be creative in implementing solutions. My passion is getting companies/Accounts out of the sticky situations while ensuring better profitability and customer success. If you have a problem with your operations, feel free to connect with me. I am happy to help. The more complex the problem, the more fun it is to solve it. My colleagues call me firefighter and I enjoy redesigning the end-to-end processes to fix the root cause rather than putting a stop-gap arrangement in place.

2 replies

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Welcome, firefighter! We’re so glad you joined us in the community. I can’t wait to hear more about some of your wins and learnings as you continue to solve complex problems!

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Welcome, Gagan!  Looking forward to solving those complex revenue problems.