Introduction - Ty Lapinski

  • 21 April 2022
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👋🏼 😀 Hello! My name is Ty Lapinski (Manager, Product Success) and I manage our team of Product Specialists here at Clari! Based in Austin, TX.

:wolf: Unfortunately, I do not have any pets right now (recent passing of our puggle named Iverson - RIP). However, we will be thinking about adding another furry friend to our family in the future!

:golfer: In my spare time, you can typically find me:

  • 🌵🌤 Outdoors/Lake/Pool - we have a lot of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors in Austin, TX whether it’s hiking, out at the lake, or even enjoying sometime by the pool… especially during the hot summers! 
  • 🍻 🍷 Local Brewery/Winery - we have so many breweries & wineries around and it’s fun to try any new ones that come up locally. Cheers!
  • 🎧 🎼 Music/DJ - I have always been a fan of music (all kinds!) and took up DJing as a hobby several years ago. Sometimes you can find me somewhere spinning on the weekends!
  • 🏋🏽🚴🏼 Exercise - been very involved in swimming my whole life and continue to exercise all the time. Stress reliever for me and allows me to unwind. Typically, you can find me at the gym lifting or I am riding my Peloton (obsessed with Power Zone & challenges). We even have a Peloton group here at Clari!

:tools: Clari has helped transform the way the our entire organization looks at revenue. The product innovation has allow us to use Clari for almost every persona and has scaled with us as our business grows. I am always so excited to work with customers and uncover how we are able to help make them successful by governing their business processes and revenue through Clari! Truly remarkable!

1 reply

We are so happy to have you here! Welcome!


Also, have to have ya do a set for one of the community networking happy hours!