Introduction - Lauren Louk

  • 27 May 2022
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Hey y’all! My name is Lauren Louk, based in Austin, TX! I graduated from university last year and have spent the past year in the wild world of Sales Ops (: 


:relaxed: Lauren, Sales Ops Specialist, Cognite

:wolf: I have a dog that I share with my partner named Pretzel, she’s a mix and we don’t really know what she is as we got her at a rescue center here, but she looks like a german short hair pointer!

:golfer: I’m an avid baker, and enjoy cooking new foods and trying new techniques. Also a big fan of the outdoors, hiking, swimming, and everything in between. Happy when I’m in the sunshine (:

:tools: Clari has helped me by giving me (and consequently, the rest of my company) have a full view of our sales cycle. My favorite part of Clari is the dashboard module, and recently, every question I’ve received from leadership is usually solved with a prompt “I have a dashboard for that!”

1 reply

Hey Lauren! Next time Im in Austin, we will have to get together! 


I love baking! What do you like to bake the most of? Fan of Great British Baking Show?