Introduction-Harshada Sharma

  • 29 March 2024
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Hello Clari Community, I am very new to Clari. My name is Harshada and i am Software Engineer at Cisco.

:golfer: I love to Workout/Run. I also enjoy Reading and love spending time with my Kiddos.

:tools: I am hoping to gain Knowledge/become subject matter expert on Clari and help my team understand/in future utilize this platform in sales planning/goaling activities. Thank you 

2 replies

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Hi there, @harshu2827! Welcome to our community. If you’re very new to Clari, I highly recommend checking out Clari Fundamentals and Clari Studio Fundamentals in Clari University to gain more in-depth knowledge. These provide an overall overview of the Clari platform, but there are additional courses on different areas of the platform (like the analytics modules) and Clari’s other products like Align, Copilot, and Groove in our course catalog too. 

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Hi @harshu2827 - Welcome to the Clari Circle.