Introduction - Alex Dyson

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Hi everyone! Joining from Fort Worth, Texas. I’m the Senior Manager, Sales Operations at Signifyd and a first-time Clari admin.

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Hey Alex! Welcome! I just moved from Ft. Worth to West Texas. We are thrilled to have you here! Don’t forget to join the admin private group so you can connect with other admins.


In the meantime, come ask your questions here

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Hi there, Alex —

So glad that you joined the community as a first-time admin! This is the perfect place to ask questions that come up as you learn the ins and outs of Clari.

As a first-time Clari Admin, I definitely encourage you to check out Clari University 101 and Clari Admin University in our Clari University Portal if you haven’t already. When you’ve completed those courses, you can even take the certification exam to earn your Clari Admin Certification! You can sign up with the access code “university”.

It’s a great way to become more familiar with Clari and ensure you understand how to do all the key tasks you’ll need to know as an admin.