Intro - Greg Roush

  • 6 June 2022
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:relaxed: Greg Roush, PS Project Manager, Clari

:wolf: I have a 9 year-old Frenchie named Rex

:golfer: I love traveling although haven’t been able to do that as much due to Covid. Also love cooking and exploring new restaurants with my wife

:tools: When I was in a RevOps role in the past, I would often get questions from our CRO like, “what’s happening to our pipeline?” or “what’s changed between last week and this week for our big deals?”. Being able to use Flow to see how deals are progressing in terms of stage or forecast category is super helpful and would have saved me hours of going through audit logs from SFDC to put together the changes our big deals had week over week.

1 reply

Hey Greg! It is so great to have you here. I definitely want to see pics of Rex- he sounds so adorable!


Really cool to hear how Flow was able to support you in other roles!