Intro - Dave Coduto

  • 11 April 2024
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:relaxed: Your Name, Title, Company - Dave Coduto, Sr. Director, Revenue Operations, Sourcescrub

:wolf: If you have any pets - Cavapoo (Dog), 7 Years, Cooper

:golfer: Favorite activity - #dadlyfe, former SCCA / HPDE Driver/Coach, Cooking

:tools: What Clari has helped you accomplish AND/OR what you wish you knew more of with Clari

Clari is currently the best forecasting tool on the market (in my opinion), and I’ve used it at multiple companies to implement rigorous daily/weekly forecasting cadences.

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Welcome, @Dave Coduto! I’d love to hear more about how you implemented those forecasting cadences — for example, how you aligned your cadence to your goals (i.e. increasing forecast accuracy, or any strategic company-level goals), and if you use any tools or templates, for example, in or outside of Clari to help sellers and their leaders follow best practices.