• 8 April 2022
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👋  Hello there! I’m Jessica, Head of Product Operations at Clari! 
🐶  I’m also known as Barley’s mom - she’s a 7 year old Labradoodle who loves her ball 🎾


👩‍🍳 🏃‍♀️ When I’m not working or playing with Barley, you can find me in the kitchen or on a run! Call me crazy but I’m known for my salads (ask me for my Salad 101 guide!) 🥗
🔮 Clari has helped me instrument our forecasting process at Clari in a way that aligns with our GTM strategy, drives the right accountability & transparency, and creates an experience for our revenue team members to manage their businesses, identify risk, and crush their numbers

1 reply

Barley is so adorable! I feel like she’s the best trail partner!