Wingman Customer Roundtable

  • 2 August 2022
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Wingman Customer Roundtable
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How to Achieve Revenue Precision with Actionable Conversation Intelligence

The current macroeconomic environment calls for leaders to be hyper-aware of their end-to-end revenue process to spot gaps and eliminate revenue leak.


How can they do that? By standardizing best practice execution at scale.


Wingman is different. It’s not just conversation intelligence-it’s Actionable Conversation Intelligence. With Wingman as a part of Clari’s Revenue Platform, you can manage your call data where you manage your revenue and finally close the loop for Actionable Conversation Intelligence.


Join us on August 11 for a virtual roundtable to learn how you can get the power of conversation intelligence data harnessed for revenue with Clari and Wingman. You’ll hear from a panel of customers as they discuss their experience and the value they've been able to drive with Wingman. 

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