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  • 28 June 2024
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Let’s give a warm welcome to everyone who joined our community over the past two weeks. Welcome to the Clari Circle Community! @Anusha Kavuru @Alo Marin @Gautam Bawa @emantione @Chris Cordani @Lionel Desmonts @Kukua Blankson @Piers Yea @Victoria Turtill @lbaker @Dawn Carley @Beth Taylor @kreitenbach @Ivan Vazquez @BBaker @Michael Gibbs @Ibrahim Mthombeni @Reiko Kuwabara @Jamie Morritt @Jessica Salt @Chris Hoff @Alex Brolick @Ankitha Venkata @Lee Peterson @Sijoy V @Lauren Long @Ally Bean @Matthew Hoffman @Emmanuel Brochard (SVP) @Andrew Dahlkemper @Andrew de Geofroy @John-Queally @Frank Molleman @Edgar Lehardy @Lisa Martwichuck @Shay Cliatt @Shawna Clawson @Gabby Upson @Amy Lin @Joe Hoffie @Veronica Khoury @Gautam.bawa @Nitta Heng @christinejlee @Saljes @Russ Tallon @Julia Nogueira @Fatim Ennaji @Tim Williams @michellehung @Textio 


New Members: Don’t forget to strong by posting or replying in your very first month in the community makes you eligible to be 1 of 2 winners of a $50 Amazon gift card and free Clari swag! So jump in and share you questions, what you learned this week, or just what’s on your mind with the community.

All Members: Come back and engage with your fellow community members for the chance to earn the Monthly Spotlight badge this month! Our top community contributor each month earns themself some nice gifts along with the badge.

Badge Winners

  1. @Andrew Parlato @Gautam.bawa @Jinse Thomas earned the Onboarding II badge. Welcome! 👋 👋 👋 
  2. @Andrew Parlato @Jinse Thomas also earned the Onboarding III badge. Way to start off strong! 🚀🚀
  3. @ab123 earned the Social I and Innovator I and Engaged I badges. What a week! 🏆

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