You Should have Slipped Deal Reasons + a Push Counter

  • 28 April 2023
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A way to set your Clari instance apart from the pack is by leveraging Slipped Deal Reasons and Push Counters in Salesforce and, ultimately, Clari. With both of these pieces in place, your teams can provide more insight and data you can use to understand behaviors in the market as well as within your organization. This can inform enablement, coverage plans, and prioritization for the rest of the business in support of other growth initiatives. 


If you take advantage of the validation rules in Salesforce, Clari can inherit that behavior and ensure that any time a deal is pushed out of the quarter, that deal has a push reason associated with that change.


Another great field to leverage in your SFDC instance is a push counter. Each time the close date moves out, the push counter adds a single count to keep track of how many times that deal is pushed, which helps you spot deals that are moving out repeatedly.


Examples of Slipped Deal Reasons:

  • Lost Contact

  • Competitive Pressure

  • Technical Fit

  • No Executive Buyer

  • Unknown Budget

  • Lost Budget

  • Timing


Depending on which reasons you see appearing most often, you may want to shift your strategy and refocus your efforts on areas you think may help move the needle most. Using these new fields, you can create views and dashboards that highlight deals that are being pushed frequently and investigate why they are being pushed. Using these fields as groups and filters is another easy way to analyze gaps and provide coaching.

3 replies

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@Omar Castillo - thought you may find this helpful to incorporate Clari for slipped deal review especially for QBRs.

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@Miru Gunarajah - something for you and the team to consider implementing here as I didn’t see it in our newest mode 

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@Dana DeForge-Skrabak Per our discussion yesterday- something for you to consider and add to understand slippage better