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How to drive new business and renew revenue with Kevin Chiu, Co-Founder and COO at Catalyst Software

  • 21 September 2023
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Neglecting the customer journey will leave you with unhappy customers, fewer sales, missed opportunities, and a significant revenue gap. And we can all agree, that’s a problem. So how can we prioritize the customer journey to help us drive revenue for our organizations? How do we actively prioritize the customer journey?

Kevin Chiu, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Catalyst Software, has some ideas to help you drive new business and prioritize existing to reach both short-term and long term business goals.

Here’s what’s inside: Customer success is found in the customer journey. CROs should focus on new business acquisition and also on long-term customer value. This means investing in customer enablement and alignment across functions, providing strategic business conversations with customers, and ensuring a seamless handoff between customer success managers and account executives. Improve QBRs for customer-focused conversations. Quarterly business reviews often lack customer-centricity with a disconnect between the sales reps and buyers. By improving QBRs and making them more customer-focused, companies create more impact and build stronger relationships with their customers. Align sales and customer success. AlignmentThis involves breaking down silos and effectively communicating long-term customer value rather than solely focusing on new business acquisition. Revenue generation does not only come through net new, often in the world of sales we forget the opportunities we have within the existing customer base.



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I’m curious — how are folks balancing new logos and growth in existing accounts? @Adam Jacobi and I were discussing what makes an effective QBR over in this thread a while back, but I would be interested to hear how all of you are thinking about this right now!