Focus on Efficiency- How to use Clari to do more with less

  • 10 January 2023
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In today’s economic environment, sales teams are asked to be highly efficient. In recent conversations with clients, there has been an intense focus on being more efficient. Specifically, how do sales managers and reps focus on the right deals and spend their time most effectively. Here are three areas in Clari to help your reps and managers stay focused and efficient:


  1. Deal Prioritization widget- In Dashboards, you can use the Deal Prioritization Widget to compare deal size vs CRM score. Using this tool, your reps can see which deal they should be spending their time on. Deals in the upper right are the deals that have the highest value with the highest likelihood of closing. This is the sweet spot. 
  2. In Accounts - You can use Accounts to sort by accounts that have current open opportunities. Evaluate which accounts (Show Activity by Account) have the most activity and verify they have current open opportunities. 
    • Verify all Priority 1 or Tier 1 Accounts with open opportunities are being engaged
  3. Dashboards- Dashboards are a great way for reps, managers and sales leadership to quickly gather insightful information about the business. For reps and managers, a great example of a useful dashboard is a Deal Hygiene Dashboard. This is an efficient way to keep managers and reps up to speed on priority deals and eliminate unnecessary back-and-forth communication. Some examples of what you might include on your Deal Hygiene Dashboard:
    • High priority deals with no next meeting scheduled
    • Deals with no next steps
    • Deals without amounts
    • Renewals within XX days but in early stage

If efficiency is important to your organization, let us know how you’re tracking efficiency. 


2 replies

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Love these great tips! I’m sure many of our customers are thinking about how they can do more with less and these are all incredibly helpful🙌🏼

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Love the new Historical View widget in the dashboards - You can add a Historical View widget to see a rolling view of how specific deals are progressing towards a target. You’re able to quickly see how much pipeline and revenue potential is being created or closed, or if certain types of deals are progressing towards a set financial target over time.