New to Clari? Top Tips for Sales Leaders

  • 22 June 2023
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What we see Top Sales Leaders do to leverage Clari: 


1. They set clear expectations on CRM hygiene with their teams… and inspect it regularly. 

Updating the Close Date, Stage, Forecast Category, and Next Steps fields should not be a suggestion. Set the expectation that if your reps update those fields, you won’t bother them with nonstop requests for status updates. Inspect what you expect! 

Configure your columns to show the fields you most often review first. 

2. They use CRM data, rep activity, and the CRM Score to pressure test deals. 


Quickly validate if a deal is on track by reviewing the CRM data, the email/meeting/file activity between the rep and the prospect, and the CRM Score. Without bothering the rep, you can see how the deal is progressing.  Use this 4 point deal inspection cheat sheet, if needed.

3. They inspect their reps’ and managers’ forecasts and evaluate if they have enough coverage. 

The best sales leaders use the Clari forecast module to evaluate if their reps/managers have the pipeline to support their forecast calls. If a rep is calling $1M, but only has $500K across Closed + Commit, the rep may need some coaching to either accelerate some Best Case deals or adjust the forecast. 

Tip: To assess coverage, select a forecast call and look at the related opportunities that should, in theory, support the forecast call.


4. They run their 1:1s in Clari and focus on strategy, not status updates. 

If you’ve set expectations on CRM hygiene and you do your homework to review deals in advance, you leave time in your 1:1s to discuss deal strategy. This is your opportunity to coach your reps and help them close more deals. 

Tip: Use a 1:1 dashboard for calls so everyone knows what to expect.

5. They run their forecast calls in Clari. 

Your forecast call is your opportunity to ensure you’re calling your number with confidence. To do that, you need accurate, up to date deal data. If you use Clari, you have the latest and greatest information with the flexibility to drill down into the details when needed. 

Tip: Use the Forecasting Module to facilitate your call with live data.

6. They use Clari mobile. 

Even when you’re on the road, you can get visibility into the pipeline and track critical deals. 

Tip: Use Views in Clari Mobile to track how the pipeline looks, and drill down into top deals to see Insights and CRM Fields.

7. They keep learning what questions to ask. 

As you continue to dive into Clari, you’ll find there is so much more you can learn about your business than you’ve thought to ask. 

Tip: Use Clari’s Product Resources to see what other “Questions you can Ask Clari” to run your revenue process. 


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Product resources is a Clari knowledge gold mine 💰📚