End-of-Year Salesforce Changes That Affect Clari

  • 11 November 2022
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Many businesses make structural changes to their CRM toward the end of their Fiscal Year. 

While it is a best practice to review and update your CRM to match your revenue process, there are a few updates that you should let the Clari Support Team know about as they will affect your Clari instance.


Salesforce Changes That Affect Clari:

  1. Changes to your Role Hierarchy and/or Territory Hierarchy 

  2. Changes to your Stages

  3. Changes to your Forecast Categories

  4. Updating your History Tracked Fields in SFDC

  5. Making Changes to any Previously Closed Opportunities

  6. Updating your Validation Rules

  7. Adding/Deleting/Renaming or Changing Significant Properties of Fields

  8. Changing your primary Amount field(s)

  9. Changing your Date fields

  10. Consolidating/Building new Salesforce Instances

  11. Changes to Dependent Fields

  12. Changes to Field Visibility

  13. Fiscal Year Changes

  14. Enabling Multicurrency

  15. Changes to Product Lines

  16. Changes to your Deal Splits

  17. Deleting deals from Salesforce

Before you make any of these changes, make sure to reach out to Support@clari.com so we can walk you through the best way to make those updates.


For more information on the impact of these changes, review our knowledge base article on Salesforce Changes that Impact Clari

3 replies

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This is great reminder as I know many of our customers are in the middle of their fiscal year planning for next year! 

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Great post! These changes are often times overlooked so it’s important to know what to consider prior to making these updates.


@Michael Bowman some things to consider as you make some year end changes