Clari Administration Tip: Keep it Simple

  • 17 January 2023
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When developing a consistent revenue process, many organizations have a lot of data and complexities that can cause misalignment between sales leaders and sellers. With so much data available and the need to run complex deal cycles and forecasts, it becomes tempting to try to provide visibility for every situation in one view.

Balancing Output vs. Input

When we begin implementations with customers, there is always a balance between operational views, analysis needs, and ease of use for sellers, managers, and leaders.
Your revenue teams need to view, be confident in their forecast, and simplify their input, while your operations teams need to pull various reports. I often refer to this careful balancing act as “output versus input” or delivering the key output needed in an organization’s revenue process but not at the expense of the user experience.

Think About End-User Experience
Of course, there is always the temptation to add as many columns and data points as possible, but in the end, when determining what to focus on and at what point you need sellers and leaders to submit their forecasts, always look at the trade-offs between their experience in submission versus the output you get. More complex data may require more inputs, whereas if you make it too simple, you don’t get the insight your leadership is looking for. So it is always a balancing act to get to that sweet spot. Once you get alignment on the must-haves and develop your cadence for submissions, let Clari do the work in Analytics to help drive confidence in your forecast.

Forecasting, Simplified

Below is an excellent example of a simplified Forecast view. This gives your revenue team a clear place to forecast, and you can drill into these queries to add filters and pivot these deals in the grid if needed. 


As you engage with your Customer Success Manager or work with us in Professional Services in your implementation, try to keep the output/input balancing act in mind to drive adherence and adoption! 

How does your organization balance data reporting versus user experience?

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