Use Clari to Review Your Year & Set Your Goals

  • 6 January 2023
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It's the beginning of a new financial year for many of us. It's an apt time for reflection on what went well last fiscal year, but it also may be the time to discuss this year’s quotas in earnest. 

How can Clari’s Revenue Platform help you identify what you want to repeat and give you enough information to set realistic and achievable quotas? Let's look at what went well to start. 


Review Win Rates

Review win rates across your previous financial year using Clari’s Funnel analytics. Once you have figured out your overall win rate, you might want to investigate further and perhaps slice the data by certain factors like industry segments or regions. 

Adjust your scope to look at individual or team performance. Investigating your win rates by lead source may also provide you with valuable insights. 

Some of our customers have a product mode enabled for Funnel too, which enables them to draw conclusions as to which product line has been more successful in the last year.


Finding Your Top Lead Sources

In the example below, we can see that Leads from the partner community had a higher propensity to close last year, with a 52.78% close rate. In fact, by deal value, we may conclude that in this fiscal year, we want to increase the number of partner Leads coming through the doors. JUiJFHOsz9c8AJi78pm_s4cguesVu3ZaFKZAD3SGZhVaMABh1wRmgCom3ho2y8zzFgwJrMoOqqnRy4cDutzOUkNJMjaEPqwa-2roLCHdlzHelCM_7zOxyHT5ie3vocHjG6PV5Z8HUq1cfR5nuHZyUd9y1zStpjUI6oAwtZj43kc4mLHBgsTaetGQ3rMMIA



Ensure Your Quotas Are Realistic and Fair

Now let's draw attention to determining if the quota Finance suggests is realistic and fair. We already know what the win rate was last year, but how much pipeline do we currently have in our inventory? And how much can we expect to be created during the year? 


Clari’s Revenue Platform Opportunity Grid is tailor-made for such investigations. You can slice your data with a few clicks to show the current year's open pipeline. So say your overall win rate was 26.60%, and you have $502M of inventory in your pipeline. You know that around $133.5M should be relatively secure. Confirm that your quotas align with the pipeline you have built for the coming quarter/year. 

Next, determine how much pipeline was created during the year. In Funnel, you also can show ‘How did Opportunities with a Created Date in Last Year move through the funnel’, so these answers are easily obtained in Clari.


Understand How Much New Business You Need To Close This Quarter

Next, head to Trend. Did you know that we recently released a feature that lets you compare your chosen time periods? For example, if today is your day 4 of the quarter, but you want to compare a different day, you can do that! 

For this exercise, you should draw particular attention to how much new pipeline will close each quarter, looking at day 1 of the quarter. Review that bucket to get a sense of the new deals your team will have to close this quarter.



These are just a few ways Clari can support your revenue teams as you prepare for a new quarter or fiscal year.

If any of the features mentioned above are unavailable in your Clari instance, please contact your CSM, who will happily help you.

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