Quick Digest: Clari Analytics

  • 7 December 2022
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Want to give an overview on navigation around Clari analytics and definitions used in those modules? Here are some quick reads that give you the lowdown, you / your colleagues need:


🏃🏾 Pulse Overview: https://claricommunity.force.com/customer/s/article/Pulse-Overview

📈 Trend Overview: https://claricommunity.force.com/customer/s/article/Trend-Overview

Waterfall Overview: https://claricommunity.force.com/customer/s/article/Trend-Overview

🚿 Flow Overview: https://claricommunity.force.com/customer/s/article/Flow-Overview

🎅🏾 Funnel Overview: https://claricommunity.force.com/customer/s/article/Funnel-Overview


Have a favourite Clari analytics module? Let us know which one and why….

2 replies

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@Tim Lancelot - here are all the intros for each of the Clari modules that you were asking about earlier. As you go into these articles you will see that the will suggest other related articles that will allow you to dig deeper but all the above are a great starting point.

Feel free to ask anything in this thread because if you’re thinking it, someone else is probably interested in the answer also!

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Waterfall is becoming one of the more popular modules among many customers! Its ease of use and charting makes it efficient to spot where a majority of the pipeline changes are coming from!