Saved Views Controls

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Would love to have the ability to apply some more controls on saved views. Whether this be limiting the capability to save to only certain User Types (preferred), or perhaps allowing for saved view organization (i.e. folders - similar to SFDC reporting - where for ex: Leadership and Ops Approved views can be stored for use, and any others created/saved are to be used at their own discretion.)

We have found that with all users able to create/use their own, the views they save are often problematic because they’ve not understood the difference between modes/which objects are being queried/filters needed to return accurate results, etc. Any controls we can put on this could result in less confusion and help drive accuracy! :) 


Thanks for the consideration!

Hi Andi, 

Thank you so much for your input! 

Typically, we recommend that front line users (Reps and Managers) primarily reference the Saved Views shared across their organization vs building a broad range of custom Saved Views.

It can also be helpful to set up a naming convention for your organization’s shared saved views so your teams can quickly find them in the Saved View drop-down.

Your users can also quickly view all the Saved Views that have been shared with them in the Saved View drop-down menu:

If your teams want to modify the information they see in their saved views, grouping options can help them organize their saved views to highlight key deals.


Only users with Advanced Ops admin permissions can share saved views, so if there are too many saved views in your instance and you would like to clean up, you can do so by using Saved View Management in Clari Admin


Thanks @MikeAdams ! This is definitely what we have employed to date, but with the size of the org and differing practices of various managers, this can go off the rails quickly and I frequently purge newly saved views that were created by individuals where they’re not understanding the difference in modes and what filters may need to be applied to accurately return their results. We push towards the standard views always and still wind up with excess. Have mentioned to our CSM that having some additional controls would be lovely and they suggested I put this here. 🙂 Thanks for your input, really appreciate it!

Thank you so much for the Clarification, Andi!  

We’ll bring this up to our product team with that context.