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Hi Team,

Can we please have a button called “Mirror access” while provisioning a new user? This will save a lot a time and be much productive and we will never miss on providing any additional access needed. 



Vishnu Katkuri. 

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Hi @Vishnu Katkuri !

Can you help me understand what this button would do? If I understand correctly, when provisioning new users, you want to “mirror the access” of the new user based on the access set up for another user?

Hi @nishullagaddi,

Thank you for looking into this. 

Yes, so we have multiple teams and we need to give access according to their team they listed on. 

And we always have to refer the other team member access to double check. 

so when we are provisioning a new user and If there is a button where we can just search for his team member and click on mirror access that would save lot of time and efforts to everyone. 



Vishnu Katkuri.