How Accurate is your Team Forecasting?

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Curious to see how well your team is forecasting week over week in any given quarter? Curious to see how it compares to the Clari AI? Take a look at Clari Pulse and use the Grid Mode. (it looks like this)

On the right hand side of your screen


In grid mode, you can look at the week to numbers. Here is where you can start to find nuggets of information; is the Manager’s call closer than the Team’s call? Is the AI more accurate than your team? From here, you can dig into forecast categories (or stages) and make sure your team is following your forecasting cadence. If you find inconsistency or have questions, let your CSM know. Your account team would be happy to take a look and close those forecasting gaps. 

Sorry for the typo-- Should read In grid mode, you can look at the week to WEEK numbers