Understanding Badges and Ranks

  • 1 April 2022
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Hello Clari Community! 


Wondering how our rank and our badges work? We've got you covered! 🥳


The community rank is a fun element that recognizes and rewards members who actively participate. Your rank level is based on your engagement in the community: how often you post, your helpfulness and the value of your contributions.   


Let me get a bit deeper into our ranks and what they mean: 


  1. New Member: This is the first step! Members who have just joined the community will start here.

  2. Ramping: Navigating the land is easy, you just need to comment on a topic or two and start participating.

  3. Data Driven: To become “Data Driven”, you need to start your own topic. 

  4. Forecasting Fanatic: You are spending time asking questions and helping other members.

  5. Analytics Ace: To hit this rank you will have to consistently engage in people’s questions and challenges.   

  6. Strategic Star: Becoming a Strategic Star is a great achievement, this is when the community starts looking up to you! 

  7. Revenue Rockstar: Revenue Rockstars have super powers and can do great magic with Clari.

  8. Club Clari: Ranking up to this level is no piece of cake. You gotta be a remarkable Clari user and, even more importantly, an outstanding community member. 


Note: sometimes you may skip a rank, this is because you performed an action which is typically associated with a higher rank. 


You can see someone's rank in their profile, or in any thread they have posted in, and you can learn a lot from it: the higher the rank, generally the more helpful and active the member has been in the community.


Of course, you'll also earn ranks based on your level of participation. The best thing to do is to visit our community often and talk to other members, but here are some actions that will help you along your journey: 


  • Starting discussions and posting questions 

  • Participating in ongoing discussions

  • Providing answers to other community member's questions

  • Giving and receiving likes on posts 

  • Marking an answer as "Best Answer" when you get the response you need 


What are badges? 


While Ranks are more about activity and seniority, badges are generally assigned based on behavior and roles. So, someone who has helped a lot of members could be a “Product Q&A Genius”, someone whose content receives a lot of likes, a “Product Q&A Influencer”, and so on and so forth. 


Badges can be awarded both automatically and manually. You can automatically earn a badge by helping a lot of creators, but we can also award someone a tester badge for helping us test and improve a new feature. 


These are the main badges you can achieve: 

  1. Community Early Adopter: a badge for those who are starting to gain popularity in the community, early adopters are easy-talkers and a friendly bunch. 

  2. Product Q&A Early Adopter: a badge for those whose post great stuff that people love. You are posting questions that come up in your day to day.

  3. Product Tips and Tricks Early Adopter: a badge for those who know a ton of stuff about using Clari as best as they can.

  4. Let’s Talk Shop Early Adopter: as the name suggests, members who are wanting to talk best practices, ideas, trends-you name it, this badge is for you.

  5. Product Show and Tell Early Adopter: a badge for those who go the extra mile supporting the entire community by sharing their learnings and the things they are proud of. 


We have a LOT of opportunities to earn more badges, and will even have monthly challenges to get badges.


(Don’t forget, we have special swag and opportunities for those that keep climbing the ladder.)


We can't wait to see tons of Club Clari members! Will you be one of them? We truly hope so!

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